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Our Vision
Be the leading provider of customer focused power solutions from source to point-of-load,utilizing innovative technology and best-in-class service

Mission Statement
• Be the technology leader of innovative power solutions
• Leverage our customer relationships and technology leadership in power solution to define and
  develop new LiFePO4 battery power solutions
• Build on the diversity and strength of our expertise (beyond power) to bring optimal solutions
  for our customers
• Exceed our customers’ expectations with best-in-class products and services throughout
  the solutions life cycle
• Be viewed by our customers as trusted solution providers in all aspects of our business
• Maximize the value of our products for the customers

Corporate Values
L--eading technology and optimal designing on power solution
I--nnovation and integrity that exceeds our customers’ expectations
T--eamwork that's collaborative and focused on the greater goal
H--ard work, enjoy and take pride in what we do

A2/3 Building, Silicon Valley Power Park, Qinghu Village, Longhua Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, 518109, P.R.China.
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