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Protecting the Environment
LITH is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment. In keeping this policy, our objective is to reduce waste and emissions from our operations. We strive to minimize impact on the air, water, and land through excellence in pollution prevention. By successfully preventing pollution at its source, we can achieve cost savings, increase operational efficiencies, improve the quality of our products and services, and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.
LITH sees global environmental conservation and protection as one of the most critical issues for mankind in the 21st century. We believe that as a good corporate citizen, we must be an active participant in this industry initiative to conserve the environment and create a sustainable society. At LITH, we make every effort to design products that minimize power consumption and component count while maximizing power conversion efficiency.  This leads to less consumption of fossil fuels, less energy spent in manufacturing unneeded components and lower total cost of ownership.  We don’t think that saving energy should come at the cost of pricey solutions!

Hazardous Substance Compliance
LITH, in cooperation with its suppliers, closely monitors and manages chemical substances used in its products at all stages of the manufacturing cycle, from the raw material and component stages right through to final shipment.

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