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Application Questionnaire

LITH is constantly developing new technologies which enhance the performance capabilities of its lithium ion batteries. We are continuously researching & developing new products and our battery packs are designed to meet and exceed customer requirement…now, and in the future. For designing assistance, please simply complete and submit this form, or call us directly.

Company Name: Contact Person:
Address: Email:
Tel/Fax: Website:
Application (If necessary, our
engineers will contact you directly)
E-Bike E-Motor E-Vehicle HEV UPS Solar Lamp Other
Maximum Voltage(V):
Minimum Voltage(V):
Nominal Voltage(V):
Nominal discharge current(Amps):
Peak discharge current(Amps):
Peak discharge current duration(Seconds):
Recharge time needed (Hours):
Capacity needed (Amp Hours):



Maximum temperature(ºC):
Minimum temperature(ºC):
Frequency:times each    day    week    month
Depth of discharge: 10%    50%    80%    Other
Max. Dimension Length * Width *Height(mm):
Max. Weight Kg
Input Voltage(V): 110V    220V    100~240V
Charge Current(A):
Input terminal: European    US    Other
Output termina:
Certification: CE    UL    Other   
Other information:
Prototype evaluation period weeks; Prototype samples quantity PCS;
Preproduction period weeks Preproduction quantity PCS;
Production quantity PCS;
Special requirement:

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