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LITH is a professional battery manufacturer focused on developing and manufacturing high quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. We have the very ability to provide a vertical supply chain, from single cells to pack/module and to a complete power solution with BMS. We are to divide the LiFePO4 battery pack/module into two major parts: one is to be with a built-in PCM (a simple protection electric circuit board) for battery protection, like over charge/discharge, and short-circuit protections as well cells balancing. The other one is to be connected with and external and our own designed BMU, integrated with the battery modules as a turn-key solution for widespread applications.

               LFP-E-SERIES                                                   LFP-MS-SERIES                                      LFP-4SSMBUS    

             LFP-4S400EC                                                   LFP-ABS-SERIES                                      LFP-PVC-SERIES           

Note that the datasheets for these products are abbreviated versions; for detailed and further information, please email us


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